The abode of ‘ Empyrean Forests ’ Reside in the heart of picturesque ‘ Dooars ’


‘ Dooars ’ or Duar means gateway in the local language of this region.

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A typical glimpse of Dooars consists of a river running through lush green meadows backed by thick forests and the blue skyline with white clouds that are often intercepted with green hues from the Himalayan ranges. This is the traditional gateway to Himalayan Kingdoms from India. Situated in the flood plains of Eastern Himalayan rivers, which ranges from seasonal rain-fed rivulets to perennial rivers most of which are tributaries of the river Teesta.

A truly mesmerizing scenery that none can avoid falling in love with.

Tea and rice has been a major cultivation here but at ‘Empyrean’ we nurture Medicinal plants and some endangered trees. We intend to spread more consciousness about the benefits of the MAPs economically and medicinally.

At ‘ Empyrean ’, we take the pledge to preserve and contribute to the natural habitat, soil and climatic conditions of Doaars. This would symbiotically contribute to the physio-chemical and biological qualities of medicinal plants.

Dooars has 60% Tropical Rain Forest coverage with thick over-story, rich in Teak, Sal, Nageshwar, Jam, Kainjal, Lator, Malagiri, Lali. Bamboo and Canes grow in water rich places, the understory is rich with zillions of varieties of herbs which has been used by the local for ages.

Wild Elephants, and Chital, Sambar, Spotted, Barking Deer are common sight. Guars, The Royal Bengal Tigers, One-Horned Rhinoceros, Wild Boar, are the other main animals in this region. In the wilderness, birds like Oriental Pied Hornbill, Great Hornbill, Swift, Minivet, Sunbird makes it a delightful place to be.