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belonging to or derived from heaven.
thrives some of the most exotic and wonder herbs.

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Role of ‘Empyrean’ in Agroeconomic systems

Empyrean identifies with Agroforestry which is a dynamic process in terms of biodiversity. We intend to consciously implement an ultimate farming experience in our region through Agroforestry.

As we understand, the loss of biodiversity is one of the most recurrent and critical problems of the world today and an eminent threat.

Adopting’ Sustainable Agroforestry’

The story of MAPs has changed dramatically over the past few years by venturing globally into medicines, cosmetics, aromatics and natural dye offering socio-economic benefits. At Empyrean Forests, we have created a distinct platform for rearing the MAPs with an intensive effort to protect the environment and transform the quality of life around us.

Our Goals

  • Our Like any other forest, we have a variety in the Over story, ranging from trees which resists soil erosion while others stand for enriching the soil with the Nitrogen. Renewable Timber, essential oils, insect repellants are the key produce.

  • Our Understory speaks in-depth about the variant of herbs cultivated in our farms from the wilderness with potent healing properties.


Aquilaria Malaccensis

‘Agarwood smoke was used to scent the armor of Samurai warriors before heading into battle.’ As interesting the fact may sound, the journey of Agarwood is even more precious. Aquilaria Malaccensis is mostly known from Malaysia and Indonesia, while Aquilaria Crassna grows primarily in Indochina.

So, let’s introduce Agarwood (Aquilaria Malaccensis). As we know Agarwood oil and incense sticks have been used for centuries in South East Asian regions.

Brown Salwood

Acacia Mangium

Brown Salwood is a distinguished name which reckons with agroforestry today and now a precious addition to the ‘Empyrean’ Family. It’s a fast-growing timber tree which matures in 10 years producing hard wood while the cream to white colored flowers are the bearers for sweet Honey. The trees are planted on a vast scale to produce paper and solid wood products.

Brown Salwood is rich with nitrogen fixing properties enriching the soils.


Magnolia doltsopa

“The heavy fragrance of Magnolias mingled with the delicate sweetness of wild roses.” says Zora Neale Hurston. Magnolia is an evergreen and a beautiful plant known for its quintessential aromatic oils touted with healing properties.

Originally from India also known as ‘White Champa’ and now home to our very own ‘Empyrean’. Magnolia extends through the ranges of South East Asia- Southern China, Nepal, Bhutan, North Eastern India and Myanmar.


Empress Tree

Do you know? Paulownia flower and leaf is also the symbol, of PMO Office of Japan. It’s also believed to bring good luck in homes.

Well It’s also called the Empress Tree or Fox-Glove Tree. Paulownia has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade in the timber industry and for alternative sustainable agroforestry.


Azadirachta Indica

The Neem tree is inextricably linked to the Indian civilization. Neem has been an age old traditional remedy to fortify health and best known for its medicinal properties(Traditional Ayurveda). Neem Tree is one of the most therapeutic trees ever found. It can grow almost anywhere as long it is warm & dry. It is not only used a source for effectively treating skin disorders, acts as an anti-viral agent, natural insect repellant and for dental care.



Bamboo or Bamboosoideae (being a tree) is a timber and is one of the most fascinating plants which grows its exuberant shoots even during 'Spring'. It's a part of our 'Empyrean' family now. It is the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Bamboo is a tree as well a grass. (Researchers have their theories to back such arguments...)

Bamboo is a giant grass which usually grows between April - June. The new shoots reach their full heights into 2-3 months.

Black turmeric

Curcuma Caesia

Are you losing your bank balance or are you anxious about someone constantly falling sick in the family? Are you influenced by negativity around you? However weird or old fashioned it may sound, Black Turmeric is claimed to have magical properties to nullify the evil effects and is related to Occult sciences. Black Turmeric is a certified organic plant also known as ‘Kali haldi’ in India.

Cissus Q

Cissus Quadrangularis

Harjor showed clinical efficacy in the treatment of fractures. Within the sphere of Ayurveda medicine, Cissus Quadrangularis has been used to heal injured tendons, bones, and ligaments. Hence defines, why we need such an important medicinal plant at ‘Empyrean’.

Unfortunately, the plant remains underutilized due to lack of awareness & unavailability of raw materials in easy consumable forms.

Safed Musli

Chlorophytum borivilianum

Safed Musli is identified as a very popular aphrodisiac agent with no side effects. Its immense therapeutic & medicinal properties have made it the 6th most important Medicinal herb in the world to be preserved and protected.‘Divya Aushadhi’ is another name for Safed Musli, in the sphere of Ayurveda.


Rauvolfia serpentine

Rauwolfia Serpentina also known as Sarpagandha is of miraculous medicinal value. It is used widely as an all-purpose remedy for high blood pressure and is also used as a sedative and tranquillizing agent. Sarpagandha or Indian snakeroot is an erect perennial shrub which normally grows up to a height of 60 cm. It is also known as ‘Chotachand’ or ‘Rasna’ in Hindi and Bengali. It is believed that Alexander the Great was treated with Sarpagandha to heal him from a poisonous arrow.


Stevia Rebaudiana

Did you know Stevia is a lot sweeter than sugar? It’s a unique food ingredient which doesn’t add calories. It’s used as a sweetener alternative to sugar. Stevia is used in soft drinks, juices, jams, sauces and pickles. ‘Stevia’ has a good potential to grow in India since the plant is likely to grow well in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Farm to Consumers

virgin Land

The ‘Virgin Lands’ of North Bengal

The Natural practice of farming is not new but its gaining momentum today in the fields of Medicinal herbs, Aromatherapy or even Spirituality.

In the ecological crisis, to grow healthier culture and symbiotic association with nature, we need to connect with biological realities that allow us to grow in a way that is sustainable.

How we chose, ‘Our Heaven’?

Our journey has been pretty remarkable. ‘Empyrean Forests’ breathes in the very picturesque landscape of Dooars. River Chel flowing from North to East which also marks the boundary on the East. Likewise, Apalchand Forests shares her southern boundaries. The beautiful Himalayan Ranges of Bhutan define the horizons of the North, where the river originated. Overseeing the left bank of the river are lush green grasslands, wide paddy fields, extensive tea gardens of Dam Dim Village of Guest House of West Bengal Tourism.

This untapped grassland was once the flood plains for River Chel. The soil texture ranges from loam to sandy loam. The soil is rich in organic matter and moisture. The perennial source of water and a pollution free environment secluded from the chaos were our key parameters.



Conserving ‘Nature’ & harmonizing with it

The therapeutic use of herbs and herbal medicines speaks volumes about the world's great traditional medical systems. These herbs were identified ages ago when mankind while staying in close harmony with nature.

At Empyrean Forests, we respect the environment which helps us to promote and nurture the health and wellbeing of the MAPs and growth in the most organic way. The entire practice of farming is executed in symbiosis with the nature. Where the organism of the soil is the tiller of the soil, leguminous trees are fertilizing the soil with nitrogen, and their leaves provide mulch and compost the soil with vital minerals. Neem, cow dung, its urine, food and vegetable wastes are being used as fertilizers and pesticides.

Natural Farming not only enriches the soil but also provides a friendly habitat for the MAPs. Since time immemorial these MAPs have thrived in the beds and shades of deep forests.

Bees are an integral member of our ‘Empyrean family’ and they are not only just pollinators but the ‘Royal Guards’ of Empyrean Forests.